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OBLIQUES STRATEGIES - Over 100 worthwhile solutions for shredding and toning your obliques, HTML, 2014  

BREAKING NEWS - Current list of's 'Saturday Night Live'-based news, ongoing, 2013

COLLAGE - Poster for Art School dorm rooms, Collage, 2013

The Music Never Stopped -or- Same Shit, Different Order - Custom software, printer, stereo, mp3, 2012

The Vietnam Experience -or- Same Shit, Different Song - Music Video, 2012

Groundhog Daze - Custom Scripted DVD, 2012  

Gone Forever -or- Shit Just Got Real - Sculpture, sound installation, 2011

I'm a Wiz with Computers - HTML, kinetic sculpture, 2011

Jurassic Park 2011 - Digital Video, Trailer, 2011

A Short Poem on the Internet - HTML, found web-poetry, 2011

The Shaggs' Philosophy of the World - Finally with Auto-Tune - Reprocessed Audio, 2011

War and Peace - New Abridged Version - Novel auto-summarized to 1% of original length using Microsoft Word, 2011

Web Presence - Password-hacked gmail account of deceased father permanently logged-in & set as "available" for contact, 2011

The Closure We've All Been Waiting For - chess-match competition between PC and MAC, PDF, 2011  

DIY - Hand-scribed scroll, quill, ink, HTML, 2011

Aesthetic Relations - HTML, GIF animation, 2011

Consensually Stolen Media - Consensually Stolen Media, USB hard-drive, 2010 - Present

MIB, MIB II, MIB, MIB signed, MIB wardrobe - online auction, celebrity autograph, 2010

National Novel Writing Month I, DRIVE IT LIKE YOU STOLE IT - Novel, ebook, 2009  

DVD Player - HTML, 2009

HTML, The Movie -or- The Resolution Will Not Be Televised - HTML as single-channel video, w/ Pony Eyelashes~, 2009

matthewbarneypickinghisnose.gif - Gif Animation, 2009

DOM & DAHMER - Digital Video, 2009


ROAD TO RUINED - Remix Album, 2009

An AC/DC Concert - Web collage, w/ Pony Eyelashes~, 2004

Web Poetry - Web collage, w/ Pony Eyelashes~, 2003